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​What would happen to an agency if their personnel brought both their head and heart to the busy day? My name is Dr. Daniel Middlebrooks and as a Military Soldier and Chaplain of over 30 years, I was honored to have served a diverse population of cultures, races, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds in environments of war & peace.

There is one universal thread evident in this tapestry of humanity; “The heart drives everything”. This “Heart-focused” factor is what empowers our men and women in the Armed forces to go and protect our Nation at great cost. With this heart of a “Warrior”, they can not only take a hill, they can move mountains. My desire is to bring this "mountain moving" model of care and compassion into today’s world of First Responders.

In every Soldier, Law enforcement officer, Fire/Rescue, Security, and medical personnel beats a heart that desires to do more, become more, and grow more than often is realized. As a strategic staff officer and shepherding chaplain, I have taken Soldiers of all ranks and helped them maximize their knowledge (what they learn), their skills (what they do) and their talent (what comes natural to them) to impact the world. This website will provide a picture of what is offered to your organization and your most valuable resources - our First Responders.

Chaplaincy Care, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization that has developed a way to protect the “Heart of a Warrior” that will move your Agency from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn about our services to find out how the same military principles that strengthen our Soldiers to win wars are the same that can help you and your personnel fight and win the daily battles.

The Three "Heart Beats" of Chaplaincy Care

When a person takes the moment to steady his breathing and listen to his heart beat, the impact of the power and presence of life is amazing.  Three crucial beats that are needed within the heart of a Hero are:




Protectin​g the Hearts of those that protect our Homes

​Chaplaincy Care, Inc  offers three primary services

Interactive Relationships:

Compassionate Care

The primary goal of a Chaplaincy Care (C2) is to provide consistent, compassionate, and confidential care to each member of our First Responder agencies within Hillsborough County. These interactions are across a spectrum of beliefs and faith backgrounds.

C2 operates as a connection conduit to internal, professional, and community resources to help encourage and advise during difficult decisions. C2 becomes a helpful resource to help First Responders and family members handle life's pressure in a healthy, constructive way.

C2 also begins to walk with men and women of faith that are challenged to live their faith fully for the Lord within the daily situations of both work and home. 

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Individual Resiliency:


The Chaplaincy Care Counseling Center

initiative focuses on the holistic picture of the Veteran/First Responders 5 junctions of life; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social.

This comprehensive service of agency training and individual/group sessions meet First Responders where they are in life and aids them in creating a "Life-Map" that helps keep them growing in the areas of their choice and need.

The life counseling/coaching process moves the initial “Life Map” information from the head (Knowledge), to the hands (Execution), finally to the heart (Life-change). This is where the whole person can holistically engage in the professional vision of the Organization and the desired dreams in their personal and professional life.

Intentional Readiness:

New Chaplain Training

Chaplaincy Care Academy is a proactive

“Chaplain to Warrior" program. After training and certification, the C2 Chaplain will meet with leadership and First Responders at impromptu times based on the his/her needs.

 The C2 provides initial and continuous life coaching and offers educational training events for the agency in the areas of leadership development, personal resiliency, problem solving, stress/conflict reduction, relationship skills, marriage enrichment, and ethical decision making principles.

Words From Our First Resonders

I would highly recommend Chaplaincy Care, Inc. to any organization, especially law enforcement. The training and interaction with our Officers and  personnel has positively impacted their lives and professionalism.

Captain (ret) Susan Bradford, HCSO D3

Faces of First Responders

I am thrilled to have Plant City Police Chief Ed Duncan as my guest on "Faces of First Responders". He has had a tremendous history in the Law Enforcement and leaves an incredible legacy of integrity and character as he retires DEC 2020. Here are some lessons learned during those years.

Ch​aplaincy Care, Inc

Chaplaincy Care, Inc has been a proud member of the Plant City Chamber of Commerce since January, 2017. For more information about this great city and the businesses that support and appreciate our First Responders, please visit their website at

To learn more about the services provided, please contact us: