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Hillsborough County Chapter

Since January 2017, multitudes of events have been conducted that impacted the lives of our First Responders and Military Veterans throughout the Hillsborough County area. The list below are some of the highlights from these incredible three years. The list include opportunities to train, mentor, speak, and provide a ministry of presence through visitation at work, home and the hospital. 

Pinellas County Chapter

The C2 Pinellas Chapter began in OCT 2020 and has already impacted the lives of the Largo Fire Department. From OCT to Dec, 2020, Chaplain Will Murphy, the C2 Chapter Director and CH Dan Horne, the newest C2 Chaplain, have ministered to over 250 Fire Rescue personnel, helped to support 9 First Responder Events, and have completed over 100 hours of personal development training to include the Chaplaincy Care Academy 101-301, Behavior Health Foundations, SAF-T training and CVI Program.

Hillsborough County Chapter

Monthly Report


The month was dedicated to training events and new partnerships with other agencies. Here are some of the main highlights for April:

Chaplaincy Services 

  • 4 BIONIC events that impacted FBI, HCSO, and Operation Restore

  • First Monday Hero Fellowship-Partnership with Mission BBQ- APR 5 (27+)

  • Operation Restore 3 ½ day conference with Backpack/Coin presentations (4)

  • FBI Firearms Event and Appreciation Luncheon- (53)

  • HCSO New Recruits and Graduating Class Coin Presentations (40)

  • FBI Citizen’s Academy Event- (42)

  • State Fair Ministry of Presence/First Responder Coverage-27 APR- MAY 2

  • Pinellas Chaplain’s CVI training (16)

  • HCPS SGT/CPL CVI Leadership Training (28)

  • Quilt of Valor Coin Presentations for ( 4)

  • PCFR New Firefighters CH training (4)

This month was focused on the important leadership training and development. Both Officers, Firefighters, and Chaplains were provided training to help in the areas of their personal and professional growth. C2 was also involved throughout the State Fair as a ministering presence to our First responders and the State Fair staff. It was a great month of future investment. We have also partnered with “Hook-A-Hero” to ensure our Heroes are cared for both physically and mentally.

From APRIL 1-30, the continual “ministry of Presence” of C2 was expressed in:

  • 23 Sites visit (HCSO, PCFR, HCPS-HQ, FBI-Tampa, State Fair)
  • 19 Events (Trainings, BIONIC events, Ceremonies, Funerals, Ministry events)
  • 19 mentorship/Life Coaching sessions
  • C2 Chaplains Report: 9 sites, 2 event, 9 M/C sessions

Total Impacts: 32 sites, 21 Events, 28 M/LC sessions

Chaplaincy Care Counseling Center (C4)

Final paperwork has been submitted by Lee West to ensure C2 will be a registered area for future counselors completing time toward licensing.

  • There were 67 hours of direct counseling.
  • 22 hours of certification through the Gottman Institute- Marriage and Family
  • 3 hours CVI training part 2
  • Two networking meeting with Hook a Hero to establish partnership with First Responders.

Chaplaincy Care Academy

CH 101 had 2 complete classes and CH 201 had 1 complete. We are developing the CH 501 mentorship block to begin videoing in May. We are presently working to bring on an additional C2 chaplain.

Closing Thought: 

Thanks to all our sponsors and donors for the opportunity to pour time and resources into the lives of our First responders and their families. Without you, we cannot do it!

Dr. (Chaplain) Daniel Middlebrooks


Pinellas County Chapter

Monthly Report


Since the establishment of the Chaplaincy Care Pinellas Chapter, the ministry or presence and impact has increased in an amazing way. Here are some of the Chaplaincy services provided.

Chaplaincy Services

  • Facilitate First Friday Breakfast for Mid Pinellas County

  • Meet with Chiefs Johnson and Sands for Behavioral Wellness Assist with Operation Restores Traumatic Stress Retreat

  • Wednesday Station Visits to All Largo Fire Stations

  • Chaplaincy Reach out to Retirees and visit Fire Administration

  • Assorted Family Issues

  • Encouragement and mentorship for Largo’s second Chaplain

  • Monday Phone Meetings with Chaplain Horne

From March 1-31, the continual “ministry of Presence” of C2 was expressed in:

  • 18 Station Visits

  • Fire Administration Visit

  • 3 Peer Support contacts

Professional Development

  • Completed IAFF Peer Support Resiliency Training

Chaplain Will Murphy

C2 Chapter Director, Pinellas

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