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2021 Chaplaincy Care Board

From right to left, top to bottom:

Larry Rogers, Todd Harr, Dr. Dan Middlebrooks, Chris Morgan

Petra Kirkland, Cindy Griffin, Susan Bradford, Linda McDonald

Not Pictured: Debra Steele

Chaplaincy Care Hillsborough County Chapter

Since January 2017, multitudes of events have been conducted that impacted the lives of our First Responders and Military Veterans throughout the Hillsborough County area. The list  below are some of the highlights from these incredible three years. The list include opportunities to train, mentor, speak, and provide a ministry of presence through visitation at work, home, and the hospital. 

(A) Over 6000 Face-to-Face interactions with a total of 2130 work site, home, and hospital visits

(B) Participated in 201 community events and 37 training conferences.

(C) Performed 28 military ceremonies and 754 life coaching sessions

(D) Conducted 76 training events for stress management, resiliency, and leadership development

(E) Partnered with 27 ministry organizations and 16 civilian companies to grow the impact of care and coverage for the community.

(F) Conducted numerous radio and social media interviews

(G) Developed 68 web-based training programs and aired motivational moments video through the “Light of Liberty”, "Bureau Blessings", and "Take2".

(H) Conducted 215 appreciation events for First Responders to include BIONIC meals.

(I) Sponsored 49 First Responders community events.

(J) 113 Speaking Engagements for numerous First Responder organizations

(K) Provided 2000 lbs of coffee for the First Responders through the “Coffee for Cops” appreciation program

(L) Provided over 3000 articles of Christian devotions and literature for law enforcement and supporting agencies and it keeps going!

Chaplaincy Care Pinellas Chapter

The C2 Pinellas Chapter began in OCT 2020 and has already impacted the lives of the Largo Fire Department. From OCT to Dec, 2020, Chaplain Will Murphy, the C2 Chapter Director and CH Dan Horne, the newest C2 Chaplain have ministered to over 250 Fire Rescue personnel, helped to support 9 Frist Responder Events, and has completed 0ver 100 hours of personal development training to include the Chaplaincy Care Academy 101-301, Behavior Health Foundations, SAF-T training and CVI Program.