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Chaplaincy Care Counseling Center

There will be moments in the call of duty that create a host of emotional impacts and issues. During those times, it is better to talk with someone that understands the energy it takes to move forward in life.

The Chaplaincy Care Counseling Center is located in the quiet area of 1509 Cre Road, Dover, Fl. It is a place to find the necessary balance in life as you answer the continual calls to serve and protect others.

For more information on services, please contact Counselor Catrina Harr at [email protected]

Interview with Mrs. Catrina Harr

Mrs. Catrina Harr provides us a brief look at her life in the military, teaching and dedication of serving. This interview expresses her calling into counseling and her deep desire to take care of the hearts and minds of our First Responders and their families.

 A Message​ from Catrina Harr

Life happens to us all.

Fear, anger, shame, regret, and anxiety can keep us from our full potential. It’s isolating and debilitating effects can ​cover us like an impenetrable fog.

Allow me to come alongside as you navigate through life’s circumstances.


Here are free resources you may download.  

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The Boxes within Grief

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