Hero's Heart Podcasts

Sometimes, we just need a little encouragement to get us through the tough days and the dark moments. Hero's Heart is a brand new podcast program from Chaplaincy Care to help keep your light of life burning bright in you.

Hero's Heart Episodes

Your Attitude Matters

What does it mean to have "Stinkn-thinkin"? Join us for the instructive choices of our daily "Attitude" decisions by your host and author, Dr. Daniel Middlebrooks.

The Power of the Pause

When we rush here and there, are we actually more productive or just more frazzled? Consider these thoughts from host and author Dr. Dan Middlebrooks.

Episodes Continued

Pinball or Purpose

As you are going through this life, do you feel as though you are batted around like a pinball or are you living your life intentionally? There is more than just surviving life, you need to thrive throughout life, but it is your choice. Consider these four thieves that keep you from living your life "on purpose".

Slippery Slope

Are you a person that likes to live on the edge? There is a difference in watching it in the movies and doing it in real life. Consider these tips to keep us from the slippery slope of ruin as we run the race of life.re.