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Dr. Daniel and Arienne Middlebrooks

Founder, Heroes' Heart

Daniel and his wife, Arienne have been married for over 35 years and have two incredible daughters, Erica and Allison. As a military family since 1987, they have moved 19 times and retired from the Army in FEB 2013 and moved back to Plant City, FL. He serves as the Founder of Chaplaincy Care, Inc and First Responder Fellowship, Inc. He also serves as Chaplain for multiple agencies within Hillsborough County, Florida and serves as the primary Chaplain training for Chaplaincy Care International. 

Dr. Daniel Middlebrooks is a gifted author, speaker, trainer, and lecturer. From deployments, to moments of military honors, to radio interviewing, to training Veterans and First Responders in the classroom, to school celebrations, his professional presentations and personal interaction makes him one of the most sought out motivational speakers and leaders of today.

The driving force of Dr. Middlebrooks' training is found in three essential heart beats that sustain the "Warrior's Heart":

* Personal Relationships (Heroes' Hope)

* Professional Resiliency (Heroes' Healing)

* Proactive Leadership Readiness (Heroes' Help)

If an organization and individual taps into and lives these three elements of energy, everything in that organization will change. 

Ronald D. Mathis, CMS

CEO, Heroes' Heart

Executive experience in various disciplines of strategic and tactical business development while serving on staff and board positions in multiple large corporations. Major accomplishments centered around updating my personal education with an objective of continuous improvement through additional training programs. Elevated concentration with emphasis on a deeper understanding utilizing Six Sigma where applicable through the Dartmouth Thayer Engineering College programs. Accomplished and proven success in the quality management industry with significant emphasis on the certification process working with various certified bodies (CB's). Recognized and recommended for developing marketing and sales programs including hiring, training and directing several large sales and auditor organizations. Representation on various advisory and or consulting positions. "My passion is to impact the lives of our Heroes and their families and to provide the honor due their service and sacrifice". He has been married to Mrs. Peggy for over 45 years.

Specialties include:

Strategic & Tactical Planning

Management P&L

Business Development Management

Sales Management and Process step Training

System Processes/ DAMAIC model

Sales Process and CRM controls

Marketing budgeting and management

Quality Management Systems, Training (on-site, and open  enrollment)