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Heroes' Heart: 

Personal Relationships

In the toughest moments of deployment, the most difficult can often be the pre or post deployment hours. It is also found in PCS, ETS, and Retirement. The smell of smoke will never leave the soul of the "Warrior", yet that smoke does not have to smother the family nor smolder like an unattended fire in the Hero.

The "Diamond Plan of Relationships" is an interactive program helping our Heroes and their families strategically walk through physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. The biblical passage of "Leaving and Cleaving" found in Genesis 2:24 is made relevant and real in understanding love and respect.

For more information on the next one-day and weekend conferences, please email, [email protected]

The difference between civilians and military is the word "Sacrifice". The first may give up a parking space. The other, his or her life! 

​D.R. Middlebrooks